One thought on “Notes on Citizenship in schools”

  1. Hi, this is Clare from the Worldwrite blog on the Good Citizen.

    A little info on the blog entry. The blog itself is communication forum for a film crew who are producing a film funded by the charity Worldwrite. The film itself is about youth volunteering and obviously the citizenship agenda is an integral part of this. We are only in the brainstorming/ research part of the film.

    I am specifically researching the citizenship aspect of the project. I’m very interested in this as I am training to be a Citizenship teacher in September. The article isn’t intended for publication, although it may form part of a website for promotion of the film.

    I’m always open to feedback and was having a discussion with a colleague on the wider issues surrounding the government’s drive, what degree of state intervention is permissible and the role of individuals. This should shape and modify my views.

    Anyway, thanks for directing me to this material. I’ll probably revisit this sometime at the weekend for some more ideas.


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