Taking photos at four in the morning

5 April, 2009

Yesterday morning I was up in the small hours to take photos of Birmingham for the 4am Project.

Such is the power of networks and friendships that people like me are willing to sacrifice their night’s sleep for someone else’s harebrained idea. In this case it was for Karen Strunks, who has become so fascinated with photographing places at four in the morning that she wants everyone else to do it too.

Over the last few months Karen has put an enormous amount of time and energy into this project. Using Twitter and the 4am Project website (kindly set up by Mark Steadman) she has galvanised support around the world.

For Birmingham, Karen had arranged to meet some people in town to make a bit of a social event of it. More than 30 people turned up, including a number of children.

We started at Biringham New Street Station, who had kindly agreed for us to be there, and then moved on to the wholesale market. At about five o’clock we descended upon the cafe, the staff of which dealt with the sudden influx in good spirit: and provided enough breakfast to feed me for a week:

My breakfast on 4 April 2009. Gulp. (Photo by Nicky Getgood)

My breakfast on 4 April 2009. Gulp. (Photo by Nicky Getgood.)

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