Cookie Control: a painless solution to cookie opt-in

2 May, 2012

The good folk at civicuk have built a free tool that takes all the sweat out of complying with the cookie regulations.

Cookie Control creates an opt-in for your visitors that is clear, uncluttered and unobtrusive.

You can tell it whether to pop up when the page is loaded, how long to pop up for, where to position it, and what you’d like it to say.

All you need to do is tell it the text you want, the link to your cookie policy and whether to include Google Analytics in the opt-in process.

That last bit alone is very neat, as it means you have control over the thorny issue of Google Analytics.

Analytics cookies are not exempt from the law, but the Information Commissioner’s Office says it is ‘highly unlikely’ that such cookies will be used to prioritise enforcement.

Therefore we have to decide ourselves whether setting analytics cookies is likely to get us into hot water.

Just remember that the cookie guidelines are not as black and white as some might like (I’ve collated links to some of the key documents).

Indeed, Cookie Control’s refreshingly user-friendly terms and conditions warn us that the developers are not lawyers, and that we must use this tool at our own discretion.

Cookie Control is free, very quick and simple, and can be used for as many websites as you like.

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