About me

I’m the Online Communications Manager for the Citizenship Foundation. That means very little as a) we don’t have a communications team and b) I’m rubbish at it.

My work involves: promoting ourselves online; designing, writing, editing and managing our corporate website; writing and upholding communications guidelines; listening and responding through online networks; encouraging and responding to journalists; optimising images; writing and drafting press releases and articles, for both online and print; supporting programme teams with web development, messaging and communications; talking knowledgeably about any aspect of our work (economic awareness, public legal education, our diverse programmes, etc); developing organisation-wide strategy; designing, writing and managing doingsmsc.org.uk; networking with the citizenship education community; designing and managing Democratic Life’s website; supporting Democratic Life’s communications; etc etc. All on less than a shoe-string, of course.

I blog occasionally for work and for myself here at citizensheep.com, though the two collide occasionally.

Contact me

(If you want to; it’s not a command.)