About me

I’m the Online Communications Manager for the Citizenship Foundation. That means very little as a) I’m rubbish at communications and b) we no longer have a communications team anyway.

My work involves: promoting our work online; designing, writing, editing and managing our corporate website; writing and upholding communications guidelines; listening and responding through online networks; encouraging and responding  to journalists; optimising images; writing and drafting press releases and articles, for both online and print; supporting programme teams with web development, messaging and communications; talking knowledgeably about any aspect of our work (economic awareness, public legal education, our diverse programmes, etc); developing organisation-wide strategy; designing, writing and managing doingsmsc.org.uk; networking with the citizenship education community; designing and managing Democratic Life’s website; supporting Democratic Life’s communications; etc etc. All on less than a shoe-string, of course.

I blog occasionally for work and for myself at citizensheep.com. I’ve set this one up to fall somewhere inbetween (many of the posts appear on citizensheep.com as well).

This blog has become very customised and I can’t be bothered to work on it any more. So – from March 2013 – I’ve deliberately chosen a simple, basic WordPress theme that I can keep updating safely. Some posts will suffer, as they were styled specially and that may now be lost.

I shall probably tweak the design a bit (I won’t be able to stop myself) but not too much.

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